Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Audiobook Review: The Spencer Cohen Series (Book One) by N.R. Walker

spencercohen1AUDIOTitle ~ The Spencer Cohen Series (Book One)

Author ~ N.R. Walker

Narrator ~ Joel Leslie

Release ~ 6th March 2018

Length ~ 5 hours, 26 minutes

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance



Spencer Cohen is the guy who gets answers to relationship questions. Playing the role of the new lover, his job is to make his client’s ex realise one of two things: he doesn’t want to break up or he really does. Either way, his client gets answers.
The ex would either apologize and beg, or turn and walk. But in the end, Spencer’s client won. If he wanted his ex back and got him, it was great. If the guy walked away, then as hard it was for the client, he knew it was over. Regardless of the outcome, Spencer’s work was done.
Andrew Landon’s ex left him without so much as an explanation. But his sister can’t stand to see him miserable, so, much to Andrew’s dismay, they hire Spencer to be Andrew’s new boyfriend to get the ex back.
For Spencer, it is never personal. Merely a business transaction. No emotions, no strings, no complications.
Yeah right.
Even a blind man could see how this would end.


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Monday, April 23, 2018

Release Day Book Brief: Written In Scars by Thom Collins

written in scarsTitle ~ Written In Scars

Author ~ Thom Collins

Published ~ 23rd April 2018

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Pain fades but the scars remain.
When Logan Crawford, a former war correspondent turned best-selling author, appears on TV to promote his latest thriller, he is knocked out by his fellow guest, Sam Radcliffe. Logan’s travels around the world have opened his eyes to many things, but nothing as attractive as the man he meets that night. Sam was the victim of a vicious stabbing in his youth and is now an active campaigner against knife crime and violence. He is perfect in everyway but one: the wedding band he wears. That’s a complication Logan doesn’t need.
Sam’s life is far from happy. His husband is addicted to hard-drugs and casual sex: a devastating combination. Johan was once the shining light in Sam’s life. Now he brings nothing but darkness. But Sam respects the vows they made. For better or for worse. The attraction Logan feels for him is mutual. Ruggedly handsome and engagingly smart, Logan is hard to resist. Sam will need to overcome the anguish of his past and barriers of his present if he’s to stand a chance with Logan.
A contemporary new romance from the author of Closer by Morning and The Coach.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Review: The Claiming (Bound Gods Book 6) by Adrienne Wilder

the claimingTitle ~ The Claiming (Bound Gods Book 6)

Author ~ Adrienne Wilder 

Published ~ 29th March 2018

Genre ~ Dark M/M Romance, Paranormal/Fantasy, BDSM





The Claiming: Book Six in the Bound Gods Series. This is NOT a stand alone book.
What begins as a day of celebration, the Claiming of two Doxies to a single god, transforms into a spiraling path of cataclysmic change.
Hearts will break.
Friendships will shatter.
And betrayal to those closest to the heart of the Association is only a small price to pay for the protection of the gods’ most precious possessions…
Note: This book ends on a cliffhanger to book Seven.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Book Brief: Everyone Has Secrets by Edward Kendrick

everyone has secretsTitle ~ Everyone Has Secrets

Author ~ Edward Kendrick

Publisher ~ JMS Books

Published ~ 7th April 2018

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, Mystery





My name is Brant Colton. I'm a blackmailer -- a good one -- and I make no apologies for my chosen career.
One evening, at a very private club I belong to, I spotted a young man who piqued my interest. Why? Because he, Lorne Raynell, wasn't taking advantage of what the club had to offer. It took time, but I finally found out why. He was intent on finding out who murdered his brother.
The rest, as they say, is history. Our history.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Review: Omega Shadow (Pine Creek Lake Den Book 3) by Quinn Michaels

omega shadowTitle ~ Omega Shadow

Author ~ Quinn Michaels

Published ~ 2nd April 2018

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance, Shifter, Mpreg





One is accused. One is betrayed. One is a killer.

Midwife-apprentice, Kyle’s sheltered world is shattered when a patient’s mate flies into a murderous rage and attacks him. Kyle is rescued by a handsome alpha visitor, but as attraction blazes between the two men, and they fall into each other’s dreams, what starts as lust becomes something impossible. Kyle is a beta. He can’t be an alpha’s true mate. And yet, what else explains their connection?

Pine Creek Lake alpha, Shadow isn’t looking for his true mate when he stumbles across a beta being attacked in the middle of the night. But when a simple rescue reveals a chain of possible murders, Shadow must learn the truth about the man in his dreams before it’s too late. Something is driving alphas in the Blackcreek pack to rage and die young. Is Kyle as ignorant as he pretends, or is he hiding a dangerous secret?

As Kyle and Shadow work together to discover the truth, both men are forced to question their deepest assumptions about themselves and each other. Are they fated mates? Is Kyle living a lie? And when the truth is revealed, will Kyle have the courage to face it before Shadow suffers the same death as the others?

Find out in Omega Shadow, Book 3 of the Pine Creek Lake Den series, an action-packed Mpreg romance with a happily ever after to melt your heart. Omega Shadow is an mpreg romance novel of 52,000 words.

Fast paced. Steamy. No Cliffhanger.

If you love Mpreg Omega werewolf romance with life-or-death action, knotting, babies, and hawtness, start reading Omega Shadow, Book 3 of the Pine Creek Lake Den series, today!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

BLOG TOUR: Hush (The Manse #4) by Lynn Kelling with Character Interview and Giveaway

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We’re delighted to have Lynn Kelling with us today as she stops by on her blog tour of Hush (The Manse #4). Check out the character interview with Rune and don’t forget to enter the giveaway.


Release Day Review: Crocus (Bonfires #2) by Amy Lane

crocusTitle ~ Crocus

Author ~ Amy Lane

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press

Published ~ 17th April 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Bonfires: Book Two

Saying “I love you” doesn’t guarantee peace or a happy ending.

High school principal “Larx” Larkin was pretty sure he'd hit the jackpot when Deputy Sheriff Aaron George moved in with him, merging their two families as seamlessly as the chaos around them could possibly allow.

But when Larx’s pregnant daughter comes home unexpectedly and two of Larx’s students are put in danger, their tentative beginning comes crashing down around their ears.

Larx thought he was okay with the dangers of Aaron’s job, and Aaron thought he was okay with Larx's daughter—who is not okay—but when their worst fears are almost realized, it puts their hearts and their lives to the test. Larx and Aaron have never wanted anything as badly as they want a life together. Will they be able to make it work when the world is working hard to keep them apart?

Monday, April 16, 2018

Pre-Release Review: Hush (The Manse #4) by Lynn Kelling

Hush_CvrMEDTitle ~ Hush

Author ~ Lynn Kelling

Publisher ~ ForbiddenFiction an Imprint of  Enspire Publishing

Published ~ 17th April 2018

Genre ~ Contemporary Gay Romance, M/M/M, BSDM, Thriller





Rune Tooby is a smartass rebel and closeted gay biker with The Born Soldiers motorcycle gang. Rune’s life centered on casual sex and less-than-legal employment, until a pickup truck full of homophobic white supremacists rammed into his bike, destroying his hearing and shattering his life. Learning to live deaf and silent overwhelmed Rune, sending him to humbly beg help from the last people he trusts completely: the rich and powerful Dominants of the Manse, who trained Rune in the arts of BDSM.

Oliver Hughes, cocky day trader and sexual Dominant, lives a life of indulgent luxury. Despite this, he feels adrift and unneeded since his beloved submissive, Jackson Whitney, became absorbed into life as a family man and cardiologist, leaving him little time for his Master. When a meeting between Rune and Oliver is carefully arranged by the leaders of Manse, it starts a wild ride, sweeping up everyone who gets too close to the explosive pair. Rune and Oliver find themselves on a path filled with frustrating miscommunications, rage-filled vengeance, and painfully unearthed secrets. (M/M/M)

Story Page http://forbiddenfiction.com/story/lk1-1-000332/